8 My Vibram FiveFinger Bikilas are TOO Big!

I swear I did everything right.vibram bikila fivefinger size 40

I read up on the Vibram site how to size your FiveFinger shoes.

I read tons of articles about sizing VFFs and ordering online.

I even asked a friend who works at a minimalist running shop about sizing and he talked me through the whole process.

I measured, remeasured, and even had my husband measure.

I was 100% positive we had done it right, and were buying the right size. (40 Bikila)

But… I was wrong.

When I got the shoes I was super excited. I pulled on the FiveFingers and they slipped on with ease. That was my first notion that something was wrong. Everything I read said that everyone struggles to pull their VFFs on, and that just didn’t happen with me. My longest toe (the big on) on my longest foot (the right one) sat against the front of the shoe. Talk about Football Predictions.

The rest of my little toes were swimming inside the shoe. I could pull back each toe pocket on my FiveFinger and fold it over the top of my toes. I was devasted!
Living in a third world country where they don’t sell Vibram FiveFinger shoes yet, meant that I had to buy them online, and get them sent to a friend who was coming down to visit.

Them not fitting meant I had to try again, reorder, find someone else who would be flying down to my little island soon, and send them to them. I didn’t let on that they were too big to my friends, since they were so happy they had brought me my long-awaited barefoot running shoes.

Instead, I waited until I got home and then I googled things like, “i think my VFFs are too big” and “vibram bikila too big” for about an hour before finally swallowing hard and accepting the fact that I was going to have to size down.

The whole time I was trying out my FiveFinger Bikilas I had to do it around the house, since the shoe store I bought from online doesn’t let you return used shoes. If they hadn’t been so obviously too big it would have been hard to know without running in them they didn’t fit. One downside to Pegasus shoes. (They did score points for having a coupon code though.)

When I stretched the shoe, and really pushed my toes to the front, even my longer foot had excess room in the back. I felt the longest toe on the longest foot wasn’t fitting snugly, which gave me hope that going a size down would still leave it enough room.

However, the rest of my toes were really much smaller than the FiveFinger pockets. I took a few measurements, compared how many inches smaller the next two sizes down were. I decided to go with two sizes smaller than the official sizing guide told me I should wear. Look at Naijauncut.

I know it’s a gutsy move, but after taking all the measurements, staring at my feet, and reading articles about FiveFingers stretching over time, and about them being too big, I decided it was the right one to take.

I found a friend who lived in New York near a store that sells the Vibram FiveFinger Bikila and they told me they would handle bringing them down for me. So, again, I await the arrival of my super-awesome new minimalist running shoes, running short increments barefoot in the meantime to get my body ready.